21 Best Things to do in Cairo: Activities and Attractions

In search of things to do in Cairo Egypt? You’re going to have the fun of your life! Egypt’s dynamic metropolis Cairo offers plenty of fun things to do in Cairo Egypt to suit the interests of every visitor.

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There are many things to see and do in Cairo Egypt. Cairo promises an amazing trip full of beauty, history, and adventure, whether you’re looking for a luxury escape, a family-friendly vacation, or an immersion into the local culture.

What are the top things to do in Cairo

Historical Landmarks

1. The Great Pyramids of Giza:

Seeing the famous Great Pyramids is one of the things to see in Cairo which are among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is a vital component of any trip to Cairo. These colossal buildings which tower above the Giza Plateau are monuments of the ancient Egyptians’ creativity.

2. The Sphinx

The mysterious Sphinx a mythical beast with the head of a human and the body of a lion is located next to the pyramids. Travelers from all over the world are still captivated by its mysterious beauty and age-old secrets.

3. The Egyptian Museum:

Visit the Egyptian Museum near Tahrir Square to see the biggest collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world. This Egyptian museum gives an exciting tour through Egypt’s rich past from beautifully covered tombs to the magnificent wealth of Tutankhamun.

4. Saqqara and the Pyramid of Djoser:

Go beyond the city limits to Saqqara where you may find Egypt’s oldest stone pyramid, the Step Pyramid of Djoser. Discover the historic necropolis and be awed by the spectacular architecture of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Things to do in Cairo

Religious Sites:

5. The Al-Azhar Mosque:

Experience the spirituality and architecture of Islam at Al-Azhar Mosque, an icon of Cairo’s Islamic history and one of the world’s oldest colleges.

6. The Hanging Church (El Muallaqa):

Explore Egypt’s Coptic Christian legacy at the Hanging Church so called as it is situated over the Babylon Fortress gatehouse. Admire the elaborate artwork and gorgeous wood iconostasis.

7. The Ben Ezra Synagogue:

Explore the Jewish history of Cairo by going to the Ben Ezra Synagogue which is thought to have been built on the spot where a newborn Moses was discovered in the Nile’s reeds.

8. The Mosque of Muhammad Ali:

The Mosque of Muhammad Ali which stands atop the Citadel of Saladin provides panoramic views of Cairo and displays the best of Ottoman architecture.

Cultural Experiences:

9. Khan El Khalili Bazaar:

Explore the winding pathways of Khan El Khalili the most famous and ancient market in Cairo. Take in the vibrant fabrics, complex handicrafts, and exotic spices while shopping and taking in the bustling environment.

10. Cairo Opera House:

Enjoy a night of cultural enrichment at the Cairo Opera House, where you can see ballet, classical music, and Egyptian folklore dance, among other events.

11. Traditional Egyptian Cuisine:

Take a gastronomic tour through the streets of Cairo and treat your taste buds to the tastes of Egypt. The Egyptian cuisine offerings ranging from tasty falafel and significant koshary to rich kanafeh and refreshing hibiscus tea, will leave you wanting more.

Modern Attractions:

12. Cairo Tower:

Reach the top of Cairo Tower for stunning panoramas of the skyline of the city and the flowing Nile below. Savor a lunch at the moving restaurant while watching the sun set over the busy city.

13. Al-Azhar Park:

Relax in the peaceful hideaway of Al-Azhar Park to get away from the bustle of the city. Enjoy a picnic by the lake, stroll through lush gardens, and take in breathtaking views of Cairo’s attractions.

Outdoor and Adventure Activities:

14. Felucca Rides on the Nile:

Take an enjoyable felucca to appreciate the Nile River’s timeless beauty. As the pleasant breeze transports you away, sail down the old waterway, past beautiful riverbanks and important historical sites.

15. Desert Safari Tours:

Take an Egypt desert safari tours and set out on a thrilling trip through the Egyptian desert. The desert offers an amazing experience, whether you choose to ride a camel across the dunes or discover historic ruins hidden in the sand.

Things to do in Cairo

Day Trips from Cairo:

16. Alexandria day trip from Cairo

Discover the Mediterranean appeal of Alexandria, the second-largest city in Egypt which is well-known for its Greco-Roman antiquities, beach walkways, and historic libraries.

17. Hurghada day trip from Cairo

In Hurghada a snorkeler’s and scuba diver’s paradise sink into the crystal-clear Red Sea. Explore colorful coral reefs rich with marine life or just lay on pristine shores and soak up the sun.

18. Fayoum day trip from Cairo

Enter the peaceful paradise of El Fayoum surrounded by gorgeous lakes and beautiful farms. Discover historical places, go bird watching in the lakes, or just relax in the peaceful peace of nature.

Nightlife in Cairo:

19. Sound & Light Show at the Pyramids:

Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza to see a captivating sound and light show that brings ancient Egypt to life. Marvel at the Egyptian pharaohs and god stories told as the ancient structures get lit up with vibrant lights.

20. Dining Cruises on the Nile:

Enjoy delicious Egyptian cuisine and breath-taking views of Cairo’s cityscape sparkling under the night sky when you embark on a romantic dinner cruise along the Nile River.

21. Rooftop Cafes and Restaurants:

Take in the vast panoramas of the city below as you savor Middle Eastern cuisine and scented tea at one of Cairo’s rooftop cafes or restaurants on a casual evening.


There are plenty of things to do in Cairo for people looking for adventure. Marvel at the magnificent structures of ancient Egypt as you take a Cairo day tours through time at the Great Pyramids of Giza. Enter the lively Khan El Khalili market where unique fragrances and brilliant colors mix to create a unique sensation. The treasures of Tutankhamun may be found in the Egyptian Museum which is a must-visit for anyone interested in learning more about Egypt’s rich past.

Cairo comes alive with a distinct vitality when night falls. Romantic dinner cruises down the Nile are among the things to do in Cairo at night as are exciting rooftop bars with wide city views. Savor a feast of real Egyptian food outdoors beneath the stars or lose yourself in the rapid pulses of traditional music and dance performances.

Cairo comes alive with Things to do in Cairo for couples. Romantic dinner cruises down the Nile are among the Honeymoon in Egypt as are exciting rooftop bars with wide city views. Savor a feast of real Egyptian food outdoors beneath the stars or lose yourself in the rapid pulses of traditional music and dance performances.

There are many things to do in Cairo with kids visiting at the summit of the Cairo Tower where expansive city views await and spend a day discovering its pleasures. At the Children’s Culture and Creativity Center, multimedia displays encourage play and learning while letting kids let their creative minds run wild in Egypt with kids.

There is no limit to the things to see and do in Cairo Egypt. Explore Cairo’s many sights and activities whether you’re looking for romance, adventure, or family time. The energetic Egyptian city welcomes you. In order to experience Egypt’s rich cultural and historical past, bundle up your interest and set out on an incredible voyage.

Enjoy Egypt Christmas tours and get into the holiday mood in Cairo, where glittering decorations cover the city streets and busy bazaars full with winter pleasure await you. As you enjoy the season amid Cairo’s historic sites to feel the warmth of Egyptian hospitality.