Top Traditional 5 Egyptian Dishes to Try

Egypt has a long culinary history that has been shaped over the ages by many different cultures and civilizations. Egyptian cuisine provides a broad spectrum of flavours and textures that are likely to please any palette, from time-honored meals that have been eaten for centuries to contemporary interpretations on traditional recipes. The top 5 Egyptian meals that everyone who wishes to sample the best of Egyptian cuisine must taste will be covered in this blog.


Egyptian Dishes

In Egypt, koshari, a common street meal, has established itself as a standard in the cuisine of the nation. This vegetarian meal is made up of lentils, rice, macaroni, and chickpeas. A hot tomato sauce and crunchy fried onions are added on top. Regular accompaniments to the dish include a serving of pickled vegetables and a splash of fresh lemon juice. A favourite among both locals and visitors, koshari is a substantial and tasty supper that is robust and gratifying.

Ful Medames

Egyptian Dishes

Another traditional Egyptian meal that’s frequently eaten for breakfast is ful Medames. Fava beans are slow-cooked in this recipe, along with garlic, cumin, and lemon juice. Olive oil and chopped parsley or cilantro are sprinkled on top of the beans after that. Typically eaten with bread or pita, ful Medames is the ideal breakfast food.


Egyptian Dishes

Making use of the spinach-like-textured leaves of the Molokhia plant, Molokhia is a common stew in Egypt. The leaves are minced finely and cooked with meat or chicken, garlic, cumin, coriander, and coriander. The stew is then presented with a serving of bread or over a bed of rice. When you’re craving something warming and savoury, like on a chilly day, Molokhia is the ideal dish.


Egyptian Dishes

Middle Eastern delicacy known as shawarma has gained popularity as a street snack in Egypt. Thinly sliced meat (often chicken or beef) is marinated in a blend of spices before being grilled on a spit in this meal. After that, the meat is cut into slices and placed in a pita with various garnishes such lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and tahini sauce. When you need a quick and simple dinner to eat on the fly, shawarma is a tasty and satisfying option.

Umm Ali

Egyptian Dishes

Popular Egyptian dish known as Umm Ali is comparable to bread pudding. This delicious dish is made up of layers of phyllo dough that have been flavored with almonds, raisins, and cinnamon and then soaked in sweetened milk. The dessert is then heated and drizzled with honey or syrup after baking until golden brown. Anyone with a sweet appetite will love Umm Ali, a luxurious and delectable dessert.


A variety of flavors and textures are available in Egyptian cuisine, a rich and varied culinary legacy that is likely to please any palette. Everything from substantial soups to savory street food to sweet sweets may be found in Egyptian cuisine. Try these top 5 dishes if you’re ever in Egypt for the greatest way to experience all that wonderful nation has to offer.