Egypt Desert Safari Tours

Safari Tours in Egypt

Do you yearn for an adventure behind the iconic pyramids and temples of Egypt? Look no further than the country’s terrifying deserts! Prepare for an exciting escape with Egypt Desert Safari Tours, where golden sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see and ancient wonders whisper secrets under a blanket of stars.

In Egypt safari tours imagine roaming the vast landscapes in a 4×4 jeep, the wind blowing your hair as you chase the setting sun. Shooting nights were spent camped out under a canopy of a million stars, sharing stories around a crackling fire in Egypt honeymoon tours for couple. Imagine waking up to a stunning sunrise over a sea of ​​dunes, straight out of a fairy tale.

Egyptian safari tours go beyond the desert landscape. Discover hidden gems like the Bahariya Oasis, a lush paradise teeming with date palms and ancient ruins. Explore the Black and White Desert, a volcanic wonderland painted in hues of obsidian. Learn about the rich culture of the Bedouin people, their traditions passed down for generations.

Explore hidden desert oases teeming with life, discover ancient Bedouin settlements steeped in tradition, and marvel at geological wonders sculpted by time and wind.

Ready to ditch the crowds and delve into the raw beauty of the Egyptian desert as Egypt Family tours? Dive deeper into our Egypt desert safari tours of Egypt vacation packages and craft an adventure that will leave you breathless! Egypt Christmas tours offer a unique opportunity to take in the holidays to the magnificent beauty of desert surroundings for those wishing to give their desert experience a holiday feel. Imaging sharing a traditional Christmas meal in a Bedouin tent, or exchanging gifts under the stars around a campfire.

Top Egypt Safari Packages

Egypt Desert Safari Tours offers unbelievable Egypt honeymoon tours you the opportunity to exchange the crowds for the starry sky and encounter the raw beauty of the edges of the Sahara. Imagine being on a camel ride and crossing golden dunes as the sun sinks below the horizon. Sound appealing? Dive deeper and discover the magic of Egypt Safari Tours!

Tailor Made Your Own Trip

Tailor-made your Own Egypt Desert Safari Tours Packages

With our specially Egypt with our tailor-made holidays, you may explore the charms of Egypt, with each experience tailored to your own interests and needs.

FAQs of Egypt Desert Safari Tours

Yes sure, travelling to Egypt for a desert safari is typically safe. Nevertheless it's crucial to pick a trustworthy tour company and adhere to their safety instructions.
From October and April, when the temperature is cooler, is the ideal time to take a trip of the Egyptian desert. Tours, however, are offered all year long.
Transport, a guide, and activities like camel riding, sand boarding, and a trip to a Bedouin camp are typically included in an Egypt desert safari tour. In accordance with the trip, meals could also be included.
It is advised to dress comfortably and loosely, and to shield your eyes from the sun with a hat and sunglasses. Furthermore advised are closed-toe shoes.
No, special equipment is not usually required for a desert safari tour in Egypt. However, it is recommended to bring a camera, sunscreen, and plenty of water. Some tours may provide protective gear such as helmets and goggles for certain activities.

Benefits of Egypt Desert Safari

Adventure & Excitement: A desert safari tour is an exclusive, heart-pounding experience for people who want excitement and adventure. Every day offers new chances for adventure and discovery if you’re 4×4-racing over sand dunes, camel-riding across the desert, or hiking to tucked away oasis.

Stunning Natural Beauty: With wide expanses of golden sand, rugged mountains, and clear skies the desert landscape is well known for its amazing natural beauty. Egypt’s desert safari trips offer lots of chances to take in the stunning surroundings while capturing irreplaceable memories against the backdrop of the desert environment.

Cultural Immersion: Bedouin communities are often visited by desert safari tours offering an opportunity to learn about the customs and way of life of the Bedouin people.

Stargazing: The desert is an excellent spot to see stars since it has clean night skies and no light pollution. You will get the chance to take in the amazing view of stars and constellations overhead on a desert safari trip which will improve your understanding of the sky’s beauty.