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King Seti I

King Seti I HomeEgypt Travel GuideKing Seti I The Man Who Built the Great Egyptian Empire Incredible achievements in science, art, and architecture are attributes of the ancient Egyptian civilisation. King Seti I stands out as a major and important character among the several pharaohs that ruled Egypt. He left a lasting impact via his [...]

Ancient Egyptian Cosmetics

Ancient Egyptian Cosmetics HomeEgypt Travel GuideAncient Egyptian Cosmetics Humans have long used cosmetics to improve their looks, and the Ancient Egyptians were no different. The Egyptians were really renowned for their in-depth understanding of cosmetics and their utilization of natural substances to produce a broad variety of beauty items. Let's explore the realm of Ancient [...]

Red Granite Statue of Ramesses ii

Red Granite Statue of Ramesses ii HomeEgypt Travel GuideRed Granite Statue of Ramesses ii Facts about Red Granite Statue of Ramesses ii You can’t help but sense the atmosphere of history and culture that surrounds you as you stroll through Egypt’s busy streets, the country of pharaohs and pyramids that you will discover in Egypt [...]

Ancient Egyptian Architecture

Ancient Egyptian Architecture HomeEgypt Travel GuideAncient Egyptian Architecture Ancient Egyptian Architecture: Structures of the Pharaohs The astounding architectural accomplishments of the ancient Egyptians continue to amaze and inspire us today. The ancient Egyptians left behind a lasting legacy that still attracts people from all around the world, from the majestic pyramids to the soaring temples. [...]

Food in Ancient Egypt

Food in Ancient Egypt HomeEgypt Travel GuideFood in Ancient Egypt Food in Ancient Egypt: A Journey Through Time Food has forever been a significant piece of human progress, and Ancient Egypt is no special case. The food in Ancient Egypt was a wellspring of nourishment, yet it likewise assumed a huge part in the social [...]

History Of Queen Nefertari

History Of Queen Nefertari HomeEgypt Travel GuideHistory Of Queen Nefertari One of the most well-known and adored queens of ancient Egypt was Queen Nefertari. Ramses II, the 19th dynasty pharaoh of Egypt, had her as his primary wife. Nefertari the Queen was renowned for her grace, wit, and kindness. This blog article will examine Queen [...]

Mysteries of King Tut’s Tomb

Mysteries of king Tut's tomb HomeEgypt Travel GuideMysteries of King Tut’s Tomb Mysteries of King Tut's Tomb: Secrets of the Boy Pharaoh One of the most important moments in the history of Egyptology was the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb by British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922. The kid king's name has come to be [...]

Curse of King Tut’s Tomb

Curse of King Tut’s Tomb HomeEgypt Travel GuideCurse of King Tut’s Tomb The Scourge of Lord Tut's Burial chamber: An Entrancing Story of Secret and Interest in Old Egypt The revelation of the burial place of Tutankhamun, the kid ruler of Egypt, in 1922, was a groundbreaking occasion throughout the entire existence of paleohistory. Yet, [...]

Anpu God

Who Is Anpu? HomeEgypt Travel GuideAnpu God Who is Anubis the god of? Anpu, at times known as Anubis, was the god of embalmment and eternity in the folklore of the old Egyptians. He was portrayed as a jackal-headed man, with dark fur and pointed ears. Anpu was a vital figure in Egyptian religion and [...]

Funerary Texts

Funerary Texts HomeEgypt Travel GuideFunerary Texts Egyptian Funerary Texts: Understanding the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt Old Egypt was a human progress with a one of a kind viewpoint on death and the great beyond. They accepted that demise was not the finish of life, but rather simply the start of an excursion to the hereafter. [...]

Bastet Egyptian Goddess

Bastet Egyptian Goddess HomeEgypt Travel GuideBastet Egyptian Goddess Facts about goddess Bastet In old Egyptian folklore, Bastet was a goddess of the sun, richness, and, most broadly, felines. She was much of the time portrayed as a lady with the top of a trained cat. Since forever ago, Bastet has been an image of womanliness, [...]

King Chephren (Khafre)

King Chephren (Khafre) HomeEgypt Travel GuideKing Chephren (Khafre) Who was king Chephren? Ace Chephren, by and large called Khafre, was a pharaoh of old Egypt who regulated during the Fourth Line. He is by and large notable for building the second-most noteworthy pyramid at Giza, which is named after him. In this blog, we will [...]

Ancient Egyptian Cities

Ancient Egyptian Cities HomeEgypt Travel GuideAncient Egyptian Cities Facts about Ancient Egyptian cities Old Egypt was one of the world's most prosperous and persevering through developments, and its urban communities assumed an imperative part in this. The nation's clamoring metropolitan focuses were indispensable center points of exchange, religion, and culture, and they were home to [...]