History Of Queen Nefertari

One of the most well-known and adored queens of ancient Egypt was Queen Nefertari. Ramses II, the 19th dynasty pharaoh of Egypt, had her as his primary wife. Nefertari the Queen was renowned for her grace, wit, and kindness. This blog article will examine Queen Nefertari’s life, achievements, and legacy as we dig into her history.

Early Life of Queen Nefertari

About Queen Nefertari’s childhood, little is known. She was created in the thirteenth century BCE at Thebes, which is now Luxor. It is unknown who her father was, although he was probably a senior officer in the royal court. Nefertari was raised at a time of immense affluence and power for ancient Egypt, and it’s possible that she had a broad education that included reading, writing, maths, and the arts.

Queen Nefertari

Marriage to Pharaoh Ramses II

Nefertari was chosen at an early age to be Ramses II’s primary bride. Early in Ramses’ reign, the two were married and had a number of kids together, including the crown prince Amun-her-khepeshef. Nefertari was renowned for her love of Ramses and for playing the role of a confidante.

Nefertari participated actively in Egypt’s governance while she was the country’s monarch. She was in charge of directing the construction of several temples and structures, including the well-known Abu Simbel temple. Additionally, she was a revered patroness of the arts and literature and had a significant role in religious rituals.

Queen Nefertari

Legacy of Queen Nefertari

Nefertari passed away and was buried in Luxor’s Valley of the Queens. Italian archaeologist Ernesto Schiaparelli unearthed her tomb there in 1904. The tomb is among the most exquisite and well-preserved in all of Egypt, with elaborate wall murals and representations of Nefertari in different home and religious settings.

One of the most important and powerful queens in ancient Egypt is known as Nefertari. She was adored by the populace due to her beauty, intellect, and dedication to her husband. She has established a reputation as a patroness of the arts throughout history thanks to her contributions to Egyptian literature and the arts.


Queen Nefertari was a noteworthy lady who assumed a huge part throughout the entire existence of old Egypt. Her inheritance as a strong and persuasive Queen, patroness of human expression, and committed spouse has persevered for millennia. Today, guests to Egypt can visit her burial chamber in the Valley of the Queen and see with their own eyes the excellence and glory of her life and rule. As a guest to Egypt, make a point to visit Luxor, where you can find more about Queen Nefertari and her position throughout the entire existence of this incredible civilization.

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