Egypt with Kids: Things to do with Kids in Egypt

Are you and your family prepared for a visit to Egypt for an enjoyable journey? Planning is essential for such an amazing adventure, you walk into the land of pharaohs and Giza pyramids. Trust me, a little planning early on will ensure that your trip and holiday to Egypt with kids is nothing short of remarkable.

Preparing things up for a smooth Egypt family tours & vacation includes everything from selecting family-friendly accommodation to planning kid outdoor activities in Egypt. Never forget that you can focus more on making unforgettable memories with your kids the more prepared you are. Egypt Christmas tours offer a special chance to share the beauty of Egypt with kids as the holiday season draws near. For families hoping to make memorable holiday memories together.

Egypt Tours offers a wide variety of activities that will sure to attract both children and adults from the famous pyramids of Giza to the busy streets of Cairo, from the magnificent temples of Luxor and Karnak to the peaceful landscape of Aswan and the fascinating coastlines of the Red Sea. Discover the mysteries of the Egyptian pharaohs, shop lively marketplaces in Khan El Khalili, sailing the Nile River, and explore the luxurious underwater world with us all set against the breathtaking things to do with kids in Egypt. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable Egypt with kids holidays that will be full of adventure, discovery, and lifelong memories.

Egypt with kids

Family-Friendly Destinations

Cairo: Unravel History in the Heart of Egypt with Kids

Cairo the dynamic capital of Egypt offers a point of entry to both modern and historic treasures. Explore the interesting artifacts of the Egyptian Museum, take in the beauty of the high Sphinx, and see the famous pyramids of Giza. When visiting Cairo with kids, history comes to life among the busy streets of the city, making it an educational Egypt with kids vacation. Cairo is a fun place to visit with kids when visiting Egypt; activities include camel rides around the pyramids and exploring busy bazaars like Khan El Khalili.

Alexandria: Dive into Coastal Charm with Kids in Egypt

Visit the charming city of Alexandria, where the Mediterranean Sea’s beautiful coastlines meet history. Discover historical marvels like the impressive Citadel of Qaitbay and the famous Library of Alexandria. Enjoy tasty local cuisine while strolling on the scenic Corniche and taking in the sea air. Alexandria with its mix of coastal beauty and heritage of culture, offers Egypt with kids holidays full of discovery and enjoyment.

Luxor: Unveil Treasures of the Past in Luxurious Luxor with Kids

Take a trip to Luxor which is also known as the best outdoor museum in the world and introduce your family to the treasures of ancient Egypt. Enjoy the amazing hieroglyphics covering the walls of the Valley of the Kings, see the magnificent temples of Luxor and Karnak and take a relaxing Nile cruise in Egypt with kids vacation. Discover new things and create treasured memories of Egypt with your children every minute of your trip to Luxor where history and adventure meet in a riveting way.

Aswan: Embrace Tranquility along the Banks of the Nile with Kids

Get away to the peaceful oasis of Aswan, which is tucked away along the peaceful Nile River. Sail in a traditional felucca to discover the timeless beauty of the Philae Temple, and be in in awe of the High Dam’s engineering prowess. Experience Egypt’s ancient cultural legacy and relax in the beautiful natural surroundings of Aswan with your children. Rest and discovery go hand in hand which makes it the ideal place for a kid-friendly vacation in peaceful Egypt.

Red Sea: Dive into Aquatic Adventures in the Red Sea with Kids

Explore the stunning Red Sea coastlines to find an underwater paradise for divers of all ages. The Red Sea has several options for family enjoyment, from the colorful coral reefs of Hurghada day tours to the luxurious accommodations of Sharm El Sheikh day tours and the relaxed in elegance of El Gouna day tours. Take exciting boat trips, snorkel with vibrant marine life, and laze in the sun on stunning shores. When you travel to Egypt with kids, the Red Sea becomes a kid-friendly aqua playground that is sure to provide amazing memories.

Egypt with kids

Adventure Activities for Families

Desert Safari: Explore the Sands of Egypt with Kids

Take your children on an amazing safari across Egypt’s beautiful dunes by setting off on an exciting desert safari. Whether your family chooses a self-directed trip or a guided tour, they will be amazed with the desert landscape. Consider the fun of sandboarding down huge sand dunes going dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle, and setting up camp under the stars in the peaceful desert places. When traveling across Egypt with kids, it becomes a journey full of surprises and excitement.

Camel Rides: Experience the Charm of Egypt with Kids

A classic camel ride is a must-do activity for any family visiting Egypt. Take your family on a trip through time as you ride these amazing animals into the old desert roads. Climb up on your camel and enjoy the soft swing as it transports you across the stunning view of the vast desert. Your young adventurers will come away from the experience with surprise of trip in their eyes and priceless memories of their Egypt with kids.

Snorkeling and Diving: Dive into the Underwater Wonders of Egypt with Kids

Take a dip into the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea with your family, and be ready to be amazed. Discovering colorful coral reefs rich with aquatic life transports them to a whole other level of Egypt. A world of vibrant fish, beautiful sea turtles, and interesting undersea structures may be seen when snorkeling and diving in Egypt with kids. Even little adventurers may enjoy this water-based experience, since there are family-friendly snorkeling and diving locations dotted around the coast.

Hot Air Balloon Rides: Soar Above Egypt with Kids

A hot air balloon offers a totally unique viewpoint on Egypt’s amazing majesty. Marvel at the expansive views of the Nile River wandering below, beautiful oasis, and ancient monuments as you and your family fly over the skies. A sense of peace and amazing views that will stay with you throughout your Egypt with kids vacation are offered by the soft breeze that transports you through the beautiful scenery. With your family vacation, it’s an incredibly beautiful way to make priceless memories.


Egypt with Kids! It’s more than just a vacation; it’s a remarkable journey full of wonder, culture, and hidden experiences everything waiting to be found. Traveling around Egypt with kids in tow brings up a world of opportunities, where historical marvels mix peacefully with modern marvels, leading to lifetime treasures. Egypt is a journey into the heart of history and culture for families, whether it’s appreciating the imposing sculptures of the Pharaohs or going on an exciting safari through the desert.