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4 Days Family Tour in Luxor, Edfu and Kom Ombo in Aswan



4 Days

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Daily Tour

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24 people




Set out on a remarkable 4 Days Luxor and Aswan with Abu Simbel across the magical nation of Egypt which is home to fascinating past and historical treasures. This comprehensive Egypt tours includes the famous Valley of the Kings where you may explore pharaohs’ tombs and find their precious gems.

Admire the magnificent Colossi of Memnon and be in awe of the architectural majesty of Hatshepsut Temple which honors Egypt’s only female queen. Discover the expansive Karnak Temples a famous complex full of tall towers and fascinating the hieroglyphic Take in the grandeur of the Luxor Temple which was once the hub of ancient Thebes.

See the amazing Nile River in Aswan by traveling south. Honor two deities in the Kom Ombo Temple a remarkable double temple and the falcon-headed god Horus at the Temple of Edfu. Admire the magnificent High Dam an amazing piece of engineering that completely changed Egypt’s environment.

Experience the magical atmosphere of the tranquil Temple of Philae which honors the goddess Isis. And finally, take an Egypt classic tours journey to the hidden and magnificent Abu Simbel temple which was carved into the high rock face by the fabled pharaoh Ramesses II.

You will be escorted by knowledgeable Egyptologists on your excursions of Egypt and their fascinating stories will breathe life into the ancient the community. During this amazing vacation packages, invest yourself in the rich traditions and cultures of Egypt and make lifelong memories.

This Egypt family tours offers an unequaled exploration of one of the most fascinating places on earth whether you’re looking for an Egypt luxury tour package.

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Day1: Arrive in Luxor

No matter what time your plane lands, one of our tour managers will meet you at Luxor International Airport to begin your 4-day tour of Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan, and Abu Simbel.
After that, a driver will take you to your hotel, where check-in will be facilitated. To confirm pick-up times, our tour manager will also want to talk with you about your Luxor day tours. We'll give you a complimentary "Welcome" drink, after which you can spend the rest of the day however you like. Unwind in your room, spend time by the pool, or go out and discover your surroundings.

Day2: Luxor temples and tombs

Hotel breakfast. Start your enchanted journey through Thebes, the sacred land, by discovering the wet bank of Luxor, which includes the Valley of the Kings, our ancestors' royal cemetery and the location of our Pharaohs' tombs ("Enter tomb of King TutAnkhAmun").
Following that, you will go to the "Howard Carter house," which is the house that used to belong to the man who found King Tut's tomb.
After that, continue on to the Queen Hatshepsut Temple in Deir El Bahari. Because it was entirely carved out of the mountain, this temple is regarded as one of the most exquisite examples of ancient Egyptian architecture. You will visit King Amenhotep III's Colossi of Memnon at the conclusion of the tour. Lunch at a nearby eatery.
Following lunch, you will explore the East Bank of Luxor, which includes the largest structures ever built in human history, the Karnak Temples Complex. The main structure is the temple dedicated to the god Amun Ra, which was once thought to be the home of God on Earth. Older structures from the middle kingdom are mentioned in some sources, but others go as far back as the third dynasty.
You will then go on to see the Temple of Luxor, which was finished by the renowned king Ramses II after it was constructed by one of the 12th dynasty's kings. Similar to Karnak, this temple was situated in the center of ancient Thebes and honored Amun Re, the principal deity.
You will be returned to your hotel for a rest and refreshment after your day tour is over.

Day3: Edfu, Kom Ombo in Aswan

After breakfast, check out of your Luxor hotel. Our tour guide will then come and pick you up for a day trip to the Temple of Edfu, where you will see the magnificent temple devoted to Horus, which is widely regarded as the best preserved cult temple in all of Egypt. In Egyptian mythology, it was the location where the falcon-headed god Horus killed Seth in retaliation for Osiris's death.
Travel to Kom Ombo City and pay a visit to the Temple of Kom Ombo, which is perched above the Nile. Its dual entrances, one for the divinity "Haroeris' ' with his falcon head and the other for the crocodile head "Sobek," set it apart from other temples. The crocodile-headed god of fertility and world creator Sobek and the ancient falcon-headed god Horus, known as Haroeris, are the two deities honored by the Temple of Kom Ombo. Kom Ombo's massive sugar cane is another factor in its significance. Once in Aswan, have lunch at a nearby restaurant.
Explore the magnificent city of Aswan, which includes The High Dam, built in 1960 AD by Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Egyptian president, to shield Egypt from the Nile flood. Then, you will enjoy cruising the Nile River in a motorboat until you arrive at Agilika Island. There, you will pay a visit to the Temple of Philae, a Graeco-Roman structure honoring the goddess Isis, the mother of the god Horus. After your day is over, you will travel to your Aswan hotel to check in and spend the night.

Day4: Abu Simbel

Take out your hotel's breakfast box and head out. You will subsequently be driven to Abu Simbel in a private air-conditioned van. The original location, known as Meha in antiquity, was first mentioned in records during the 18th Dynasty, when Ay and Horemheb had rock-cut chapels carved out of the southern hills.
After reaching your destination, you will go to see the Ramses II-built Abu Simbel Temples. Ramesses II constructed the first temple, which is the largest, and it is devoted to the well-known deity Rahorakhty. The smaller second temple, however, was devoted to the monarch and his lovely wife, Que. You will drive back to Cairo from the Aswan airport or station after your day tour is over.


  • 5* hotel in Luxor for 2 nights
  • 5* hotel in Aswan for 1 nights
  • Private air-conditioned vehicle
  • 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches.1dinner
  • Meet and greet service by our representatives at airports
  • Assistance from our customer service department during your stay
  • All transfers
  • All sightseeing tours (all tours are private)
  • Personal guide fluent in English
  • Entrance fees to all sites
  • Personal driver
  • Bottled water during tours
  • Portage when needed
  • All service charges and taxes
  • Domestic Flight.
  • Any optional tours.
  • Personal Spending.
  • Tipping.

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