Abu Simbel Temple in Aswan

Abu Simbel Temple : A Marvelous Site to Visit in Egypt

The Abu Simbel Temple is one of the many historical sites in Egypt tours. This historic temple, which lies near Aswan, is a masterpiece of architecture and a well-liked tourist attraction in Egypt travel packages. In addition to being beautiful, it is noteworthy historically because it serves as a reminder of the might and majesty of ancient Egypt. The history, importance, and beauty of the Abu Simbel Temple in Aswan will all be covered during Egypt day tours.

The Abu Simbel Temple’s history

Explore the history of Abu Simbel temple during Egypt classic tours In the 13th century BCE, under the rule of Pharaoh Ramses II, the Abu Simbel Temple was constructed. It was built as a monument to the pharaoh’s triumph over the Hittites at the Battle of Kadesh. Amun, Ptah, and Re-Horakhty were the gods to whom the temple was devoted. All this historical info will be relevant in Egypt luxury tours. The Great Temple of Ramses II and the Small Temple of Hathor are the two temples in our Egypt easter tours that make up the complex of temples.

The temple remained hidden beneath the sand for many years until being unearthed in 1813 by the Swiss adventurer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. Later, in the 1960s, a collaborative expedition between the Egyptian government and UNESCO completely excavated and reconstructed the temple.
Abu Simbel Temple in Aswan

Abu Simbel Temples importance

The historical and cultural importance of the Abu Simbel Temple makes it notable through Egypt budget tours. It is evidence of the might and majesty of the Egyptian pharaohs of ancient Egypt. The temple was constructed to demonstrate the pharaoh’s might and domination, to scare and impress his adversaries. The fact that the temple was designed to line up with the sun’s position at the winter and summer solstices adds another important dimension to its structure. This alignment made it possible for the temple to receive sunlight twice a year, emphasizing the building’s value as a place of prayer. All these reasons make Abu Simbel temple a must see in Egypt Spiritual tours.
Abu Simbel Temple in Aswan

Architecture of Abu Simbel Temple

The Abu Simbel Temple is well known for its great compositional plan. The sanctuary’s exterior highlights four enormous sculptures of Ramses II, each remaining at 20 meters tall. The sculptures that are included in our Egypt desert safari tours are situated and portray Ramses II in the conventional pharaonic formal attire, wearing the twofold crown of Egypt and the kilt. The sanctuary’s entry is embellished with reliefs portraying scenes of the pharaoh in fight and performing strict customs. If you are a historical person and interested in discovering more about King Tut, join our Egypt Christmas tours to Aswan.

The inside of the temple is comparably great as the outside that you will discover in Egypt shore excursions. The Incomparable temple’s lobby highlights eight huge sections decorated with unpredictable hieroglyphics and reliefs portraying scenes from the pharaoh’s life. The asylum of the temple highlights four sculptures, including one of Ramses II and three of the divine beings to whom the sanctuary is committed. The Little Temple of Hathor is similarly noteworthy, including sections enhanced with the picture of the goddess Hathor and reliefs portraying the pharaoh and his significant other. Through these Aswan day tours, you will gain a huge amount of knowledge about the lives of pharaohs in ancient Egypt and many Egyptian mythology stories.
Abu Simbel Temple in Aswan

How to Visit Abu Simbel Temple?

The Abu Simbel Temple is found roughly 280 kilometers south of Aswan and can be reached via plane or vehicle. Many Egypt trips administrators offer road trips to Abu Simbel from Aswan, while others offer multi-day voyages through the area.

On the off chance that you’re arranging an Egypt family tours to Abu Simbel Temple, it’s vital to dress suitably for the climate and culture. The sanctuary is situated in the desert, so it can get very hot during the day. Dress in light, breathable apparel, and carry a lot of water to remain hydrated. It’s likewise critical to be aware of the sanctuary’s importance and to observe the guidelines and rules set by the Egyptian government.


The Abu Simbel Temple is an engineering magnum opus and a demonstration of the power and greatness of old Egypt. Its importance as a focal point of love and arrangement with the sun’s position make it a priority objective for travelers visiting Egypt.

At On Trip Egypt, we offer customized voyages through Abu Simbel and encompassing regions that take care of your singular advantages and needs. Our master guides will give you an abundance of data about the sanctuary’s set of experiences, importance, and building highlights, as well as the encompassing region’s regular magnificence and social practices.

The Nubian city of Aswan is wonderful. There are many historical and entertainment places that you can visit in Aswan and Luxor on day tours, such as Edfu Temple, Karnak Temple, and Elephantine Island. You can also try Egypt Nile cruise tours in the most spectacular place ever.

While arranging your excursion to Abu Simbel, remember that the site is situated in a distant region and can be challenging to access without legitimate preparation. We suggest organizing your visit through a legitimate visit organization like On Trip Egypt to guarantee that you have a protected and agreeable experience.