21 Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh: Water Sports, Safari, and Nightlife

There are many activities and things to do in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt which makes it a favorite tourist destination for people from all over the world and must- be on any itinerary. This coastal paradise offers something for everyone whether your goals are to explore the amazing coral reefs, dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea, or just sit back on the sun-drenched beaches.

Sharm El Sheikh is a major starting point or destination for many Egypt tours which are ideal for individuals who want to dive deeper into the country’s rich history and culture. These things to do in Sharm El Sheikh trips often involve stops at well-known sites letting travelers take in the marvels of ancient Egyptian culture. When choosing Egypt vacation packages you ought to expect plenty of choices suitable for different interests and price limits, providing a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

Egypt luxury tours offer an extra layer of privacy and luxury for those looking for a more elegant experience. These packages typically include changes at luxury resorts, special tours with private guides, and first-rate amenities that will make your Sharm El Sheikh excursions as well as truly remarkable. Luxurious trips provide the ultimate in elegance and comfort.

Travelers of all kinds will find things to do in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt to be an unmatched spot where adventure, leisure, and cultural discovery mix together. Sharm El Sheikh travel guide is ready to meet your expectations whether they are set by the enticement of underwater wonders, the prospect of historical discovery, or the need for opulent luxury.

Exploring the Natural Beauty

Beaches and Sunbathing Spots

1. Naama Bay: The Heart of Sharm El Sheikh

The colorful promenade and shaped like a sandy beach of Sharm El Sheikh are the main attractions of Naama Bay, the lively center of the resort. It’s ideal for swimming and tanning during the quiet turquoise waves. Naama Bay offers activities for all types of travelers including water sports and relaxing. It is an ideal spot for travelers because the area is full of accommodations, restaurants and cafés.

2.Shark’s Bay: Tranquil and Scenic

Shark’s Bay is a peaceful hideaway for travelers looking for a more tranquil experience. The bay is famous for its crystal-clear waters and beautiful surroundings which make it the perfect place to dive and snorkel. This region’s coral reefs are rich in marine life and offer a breathtaking underwater landscape. It’s a great place for rest and relaxation because it has a more tranquil environment than Naama Bay.

3. Ras Um Sid: Stunning Cliffs and Coral Reefs

In addition to having some of Sharm El Sheikh’s finest coral reefs Ras Um Sid is home to magnificent cliffs. The high marine variety of this beach makes it popular among snorkelers and divers. An underwater paradise is formed by the vibrant fish and coral formations. The cliff-top site is ideal for travel and photography since it provides stunning views of the Red Sea.

Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

Snorkeling and Diving Adventures

4. Ras Mohammed National Park

Any diver deserves the time to explore Ras Mohammed National Park. This protected area which is at The southern limit of the Sinai Peninsula is well-known for its breathtaking coral reefs and variety of marine life. Divers can explore colorful coral gardens, shipwrecks and underwater caverns. The Ras Mohammed National Park is a favorite location for snorkelers because of its rich marine fauna and crystal-clear waters.

5. The Straits of Tiran

Another excellent place to go diving is the Straits of Tiran island which are situated at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba. The four basic coral reefs in this area are named for British cartographers: Gordon, Woodhouse, Thomas, and Jackson. Diving is a dynamic experience because of the wide variety of fish species drawn by strong currents. Divers may fully experience the colorful underwater surroundings here because of the unique underwater visibility.

6. Blue Hole Dahab: A Short Trip from Sharm

The Blue Hole in Dahab is one of the most well-known diving spots worldwide and is only a short trip from Sharm El Sheikh. A fascinating and thrilling diving spot, the Blue Hole is well-known for its deep horizontal underwater depression. Since there is a lot of marine life on nearby reefs, diving and snorkeling are popular activities here. The Blue Hole may be amazing but experienced divers should be ready for the difficult breathing conditions that make it known for.

Cultural and Historical Experiences

Historical Sites and Monuments

7. St. Catherine’s Monastery

St. Catherine’s Monastery is one of the world’s oldest operating monasteries and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is said to have been built on the spot where Moses saw the Burning Bush at the base of Mount Sinai. The Christian monastery has a remarkable collection of sacred items, icons and old texts. It is a major religious and cultural landmark because of its peaceful environment and rich history.

8. Al Sahaba Mosque

Another stunning piece of architecture in Sharm El Sheikh is the Al Sahaba Mosque. This mosque is a magnificent example of Ottoman, Mamluk, and Fatimid architecture merged. For those interested in Islamic architecture it is a must-visit because of its complex interiors and large domes. It offers an understanding into the local religious customs and is also a site for lively prayer.

9. Old Market

Sharm El Maya, also known as the Old Market offers a unique sort of cultural experience. Many stores offering spices, souvenirs, and traditional Egyptian crafts line this lively market. Exploring the area is a good idea due to its lively environment and pleasant sellers. In addition, tourists may savor local street cuisine and take in the vibrant environment of this ancient marketplace.

Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

Outdoor Activities & Adventure

Water Activities and Sports

10. Jet skiing and parasailing

The pristine seas and pleasant weather of Sharm El Sheikh are perfect for jet skiing and parasailing. Jet skiing delivers an exciting ride across the waves while parasailing offers a closer look of the beautiful coastline. These seashore sports offer an exciting way to spend time in the water and are usually provided at major beaches.

11. KiteSurfing and WindSurfing

Sharm El Sheikh is a popular destination for kitesurfing and windsurfing because of moderate winds and calm waters. Both beginners and experienced surfers are provided for by a number of schools and rental companies. The exciting feeling of quickly floating over the water while pushed by the wind leaves an eternal mark.

12. Paddleboarding and Kayaking

Kayaking and paddleboarding are excellent choices for a more relaxing on-the-water sport. You may explore the coastline at your own time with these activities. While kayaking offers an exclusive view of the coastline and marine life, paddleboarding provides a full-body exercise while taking in the natural beauty.

Hiking and Nature Trails

13. Mount Sinai Sunrise Hike

Hiking in Egypt in Mount Sinai at sunrise is a physically and spiritually enjoyable experience. Hikers climb the mountain in the early hours of the morning in order to see a magnificent sunrise from the top. The sensation of success is huge and the vistas are breathtaking. There is great religious importance to this walk since it is believed to be the spot where Moses was given the Ten Commandments.

14. Colored Canyon Hike

A stunning natural feature close to Nuweiba is the Colored Canyon. The canyon’s high rock formations and passageways are home to an amazing variety of colors that have been created over ages by mineral deposits. Trekking into the canyon is an exciting one that provides amazing opportunities for pictures and an up-close view of the area’s stunning nature.

Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

Marine Life Exploration

15. Glass-Bottom Boat Tours

Glass-bottom boat trips are an excellent choice for anyone who would like to avoid getting wet while discovering aquatic life. With things to do in Sharm El Sheikh trips you can take in the beautiful coral reefs and variety of colorful fish without having to enter the water. Families and anyone looking for an easier way to take in the underwater beauty will find it to be the perfect activity.

16. Dolphin Watching Excursions

Dolphin tours offer a chance to observe these intelligent animals in their own environment. Boats carry passengers to places where dolphin encounters are frequent providing a close-up look at their playful activities. A remarkable and beautiful experience may be enjoyed by swimming and snorkeling with the dolphins on specific tours.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Nightlife Hotspots

17. SOHO Square: Entertainment Hub

The best spot to have fun in Sharm El Sheikh is SOHO Square. From live music and dancing to ice skating and bowling this lovely complex has a lot to offer for everyone to enjoy. The area is an active spot for both day and night entertainment because it is also home to a large number of pubs, restaurants, and shops.

18. Naama Bay Nightclubs and Bars

Naama Bay is a great place for going out at night as well as during the day. There are many different pubs and nightclubs in the area offering an array of musical styles and atmospheres. Naama Bay offers everything whether you’re looking for a relaxed lounge, a small pub with live music, or a bustling dance floor.

Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

Cultural Performances and Shows

Diverse Entertainment Options

19. Traditional Bedouin Shows

A window into the rich heritage of culture of the Sinai area is provided by traditional Bedouin performances. These shows offer a fun and interesting experience often including traditional dance, music and storytelling. Several performances take place in tents similar of Bedouin tents adding to the originality of the event.

20. The Fantasia Arabian Night Show

An amazing showcase of Arabian culture and legends is the Fantasia Arabian Night Show. In a large vibrant surroundings, circus acts, belly dance and traditional music are all presented in a single show. It’s an exciting experience that showcases the rich cultural customs of the area.

21. Alf Leila wa Leila Show

Alf Leila wa Leila, or “Arabian Nights” is a themed show that visually presents Middle Eastern myths and tales. The extravagant shows take the audience to a fantastic world of sultans, genies, and epic tales with their stunning covers and settings. For anyone who is interested in Middle Eastern entertainment and culture it is a must-see.


The beautiful views of Sharm El Sheikh remain on in your mind as your trip comes to an end making you long for more experiences. The charm of this exciting place stays long after you leave whether you’ve performed in the Red Sea, looked at historic treasures or enjoyed luxurious leisure. Sharm El Sheikh offers Egypt honeymoon tours with a romantic hideaway where romance develops among breathtaking scenery and fascinating trips.

In Egypt Family tours enjoy spending time together on exciting trips and cultural research making memories that will last a lifetime. Also, Egypt Christmas tours provide a magical touch to the things to do in Red Sea shoreline all over the holiday season blending festive happiness with authentic Egyptian hospitality. Take with you the sounds of laughing, the beauty of the sea, and the warmth of the sun in things to do in Sharm El Sheikh. May your memories of this fascinating location continue to inspire ideas of distant travels and exciting experiences till we meet again.