17 Things To Do in Red Sea Egypt: Beach, Water Sports, and Safari

There are countless things to do in Red Sea Egypt especially to its wealth of attractions and activities. There are countless activities and things to do in Red Sea Egypt regardless of your hobbies. Thus, gather everything you own, go off on a journey, and fully enjoy the beauty and awe of this amazing location.

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Things To Do in Red Sea Egypt

Relax on Stunning Beaches

  • 1. Sharm El Sheikh Beach: Take one of the guided Sharm El Sheikh day tours to the beach where you may swim in the crystal-clear waters, snorkel, or go diving to see the variety of marine life. Day trips from Sharm El Sheikh often include excursions to neighboring sites like Tiran Island and Ras Mohammed National Park.
  • 2. Hurghada Beach: Enjoy part in Hurghada day tours that include water sports, diving, and snorkeling to see the beauty of Hurghada Beach. Typical Hurghada day trips offer the chance to take in the Red Sea’s underwater scenery, unwind on the beach, and maybe even spend the day swimming and sunbathing on day trip in Giftun Island.
  • 3. Marsa Alam Beach: For an enjoyable and exciting day trip, sign up for one of the day trips to Marsa Alam Beach. These Marsa Alam tours frequently incorporate snorkeling or diving excursions to discover Marsa Alam’s vibrant coral reefs and aquatic life. Additionally, you may spend free time relaxing on the beach and taking in the peace and quiet of this magnificent coastal location.
  • 4. El Gouna Beach: El Gouna is a little resort town on the Red Sea coast that is well-known for its gorgeous beaches and lively atmosphere even if it isn’t exclusively a beach destination. El Gouna Day tours can include excursions to its sandy beaches, aquatic activities such as banana boat rides or snorkeling and a tour of the town’s beautiful marina, stores, and cafés.
  • 5. Dahab Beach: Take a day trip to discover the laid-back atmosphere of Dahab Beach where you can go windsurfing, snorkeling and just lay on the sandy shoreline. Tours of Dahab may also include stops to nearby attractions like the Blue Hole or the Dahab Lagoon where you can take in the amazing views of the Red Sea and its surroundings.

Explore Underwater Wonders

  • 6. Snorkeling: is an excellent means to see the colorful marine life below the water’s surface while riding gently on it. All you need to explore coral reefs, swim with colorful fish, and take in the underwater beauty is a mask, snorkel, and fins.
  • 7. Scuba Diving: Scuba Diving Tour in Red Sea gives you the chance to go deeper into the ocean for an experience that is deeper. Divers may explore a variety of nature come across amazing marine life and find hidden gems like shipwrecks and coral gardens if they have the right training and gear.
  • 8. Glass-Bottom Boat trips: Designed for anyone who would rather stay dry, glass-bottom boat trips provide an excellent viewpoint of marine life. Colorful fish, beautiful coral rocks, and other marine treasures may be seen clearly through the clear glass bottom of the boat as you sail above coral reefs and waters.
  • 9. Submarine Rides: Hurghada Sindbad Submarine Tour rides offer a unique chance to explore the ocean’s depths without getting wet making them an unparalleled underwater encounter. Passengers may experience the captivating splendor of the underwater environment which includes exotic creatures, historic shipwrecks, and mysterious underwater landscapes, by descending into the deep in a cozy and secure vehicle.

Things To Do in Red Sea Egypt

Enjoy Water Sports

  • 10. Windsurfing: Combining elements of sailing and surfing, windsurfing requires using a board with a sail to carry yourself over the sea. Surfing is an exciting combination of ability and excitement whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or an expert developing advanced techniques.
  • 11. Kiteboarding: Water sports are taken to a whole new level with kiteboarding also known as kitesurfing. A huge, controlled kite is used to lift a rider over the water on a board. Using the wind as your engine, you can take off, jump, and a slice over the waves, giving you the joy of using the force of nature in a challenging and exciting sport.
  • 12. Jet skiing: is an exciting sport which involves rapidly traveling the water on a personal boat. Jet skis offer thrill-seekers of all skill levels an incredible ride with their quick handling and heart-pounding speed. Jet skiing offers an incredible underwater experience whether you’re flying over waves or taking it easy along the shore.
  • 13. Parasailing: This activity allow you to fly above the sea while being driven behind a boat for a very unique view of the ocean. You’ll be hanging in a covering like a parachute and treated to breath-taking airborne views of the surrounding landscape and shoreline. In the stunning scenery of the sea, parasailing offers a relaxing and memorable experience whether you choose to fly alone or in parallel with friends.

Go on Desert Adventures

  • 14. Quad Biking: In the Egypt Desert safari tours This exciting activity offers an exciting journey over the sand dunes. You can explore the vast expanse of the desert environment in quad safari while riding a strong all-terrain vehicle, sand dunes, twisting routes, and the rush of speed.
  • 15. Jeep Safaris: With the help of experienced guides you may go far into the desert when you go on a jeep Super Safari from Hurghada. You’ll go on an off-road trip while carefully situated in a difficult 4×4 vehicle through rough terrain, discovering secret oases, and becoming up close and personal with the varied species that calls these difficult but fascinating places home.
  • 16. Camel Rides: Take a classic camel ride to discover the everlasting beauty of the desert. Riding atop these familiar animals, you’ll stroll slowly over the sand dunes taking in the serene beauty of the desert and learning about the nomadic ways of the past.
  • 17. Bedouin Camp Experience: Take a Hurghada Bedouin Desert Safari by Jeep experience to completely lose yourself in the friendly people and rich culture of the desert. You may relax under the stars while eating regional food around a blazing a fire, hearing fascinating stories from knowledgeable locals and maybe even participating in regional specialties like falconry or henna painting.


The Red Sea in Egypt is an essential travel destination if you’re looking for adventure, leisure, and stunning natural beauty. There are plenty of activities and things to do in Red Sea Egypt in Summer in Egypt because of the area’s amazing coral reefs, clean seas, and plenty of marine life. With Egypt Christmas tours in the Red Sea, you may lose yourself in the magic of the holiday season, where cheerful décor and unique activities and things to do will make your trip even more enjoyable.

Snorkeling and diving tours are great ways to see the underwater treasures; you may swim with beautiful dolphins and see stunning coral structures and colorful creatures. Boat trips provide panoramic views of the coastline and its breathtaking vistas for those who would rather stay dry.

Remaining on land we offer Egypt day tours where you are able to interact with the history and culture of the area by touring ancient sites like the majestic Luxor temples or the recognizable Giza pyramids. You might also just relax on the beautiful beaches taking in the sun and the peace and quiet of this beautiful paradise.

Red Sea Egypt offers something for everyone, regardless of your interests; it might be history buffs, thrill seekers, or just someone looking to relax. So grab everything you need and get ready for an amazing trip that will combine exploration, adventure, and relaxation among the Red Sea’s charms.