Celebrate Christmas In Egypt

Christmas is a season of pleasure and celebration for everyone. Families join together during this season to give and receive gifts, have meals together, and make cherished memories. Have you ever thought of spending Christmas in Egypt, though? Egypt is the ideal place to spend a special and memorable Christmas because of its amazing history, pleasant climate, and rich culture. We’ll look at some of the greatest Christmas celebrations in Egypt in this blog article. Along with some of the best Christmas tours in Egypt that you can reserve with On Trip Egypt.

Places To Visit in Christmas in Egypt

Places To Visit in Christmas in Egypt

  • Participate in a Coptic Christmas Mass. The Coptic Orthodox Church, one of the oldest Christian congregations in the world, is located in Egypt. A Coptic Christmas Mass is a unique event. Coptic Christmas is observed on January 7th. The Coptic Pope officiates in the St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo at the most well-known Coptic Christmas Mass. Christmas music are mixed in with the traditional Coptic hymns during the ceremony, which is held in a gorgeously decked church.
  • Visit the holiday markets. Did you know that Christmas markets are a well-known custom in several European nations? Egypt too has its own Christmas markets. You may go to the St. John the Baptist Church in Maadi in Cairo to check out the holiday market. You may find merchants offering homemade crafts, Christmas decorations, and traditional Egyptian delicacies nearby. The market is a terrific location to purchase special presents for your loved ones and is open for many days before Christmas.
  • Discover the Pyramids A visit to the Pyramids of Giza is a need on any vacation to Egypt. The Pyramids are exquisitely illuminated at night throughout the Christmas season, creating a wonderful ambiance. For a memorable experience, you may also reserve a sound and light show or go on a camel ride around the Pyramids.
  • Take a Nile River cruise Egypt’s lifeblood is the Nile River, and a cruise down it is the ideal way to observe it. A Nile River cruise is a common component of Christmas trips in Egypt and gives you the chance to view historic monuments and ruins from an unusual angle. Along the river, you’ll also have the chance to visit small settlements and observe rural Egyptian life.
  • On the Red Sea, unwind Go to the Red Sea if you want to spend your Christmas more leisurely. Some of Egypt’s top beaches may be found in the Red Sea, where it’s always warm and bright. In the pristine seas, you may go snorkelling or scuba diving or just laze on the beach and enjoy the sunshine.

Christmas in Egypt

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