Backpacking Egypt Travel

A Backpacking Journey in Egypt

Egypt has long been a popular tourism destination, and for good reason. Adventuresome travelers in Egypt tours will have a memorable time in this region that is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. We’ll walk you through the top attractions, activities to do, and advice in this post so you can maximize your Egypt day tours.

Most travelers begin their Egypt travel packages at Cairo International Airport, which serves as Egypt’s principal entry point. Regular flights are available through our Egypt classic tours from airlines including Egypt Air, Emirates, and Turkish Airlines to Cairo. After you get to Cairo, you may take the bus or a cab to get to your lodging.

Egypt has a vast public transportation system that includes buses, trains, and the metro. The most popular form of transportation is the bus, which is present in every city. Long-distance travel can also be done on trains, which are convenient and reasonably priced. Just during Alexandria day tours and Cairo have metro systems, however they are both practical for getting about these cities.

Backpacking Egypt Travel

Best Places to Visit in Egypt

1-The Giza Pyramids

A must-see for any traveler in Egypt luxury tours, the Pyramids of Giza are a marvel of the world. The extraordinary technical prowess of the ancient Egyptians is demonstrated by these historic buildings, which date back more than 4,500 years. They are conveniently close to Cairo and may be reached by taxi or bus.


Luxor is renowned as the largest outdoor museum in the world, and with good reason for backpacking in Egypt. The Valley of the Kings and the Karnak Temple are just two of the magnificent temples and tombs that can be seen during Luxor day tours on the banks of the Nile. From Cairo, you may take a train or bus to Luxor.

3- Aswan

A lovely city in the south of Egypt, Aswan is well known for its breathtaking surroundings and laid-back vibe that you can enjoy in Aswan day tours. Here, you may see the Philae Temple, go on an Egypt Nile cruise, and tour some Nubian communities. From Luxor, you may take a rail or bus to Aswan.

4-Sinai Peninsula

For daring hikers and backpacking trips, the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt is a harsh and secluded location in Sharm El Sheikh day tours. The St. Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai, and the breathtaking Red Sea coral reefs may all be explored nearby during Egypt budget tours. From Cairo or the Jordanian port city of Aqaba, you may take a bus or boat to the Sinai Peninsula.

Backpacking Egypt Travel

What to Do in Egypt?

1-Camel ride

Every backpacking journey must include a camel ride since it’s such a distinctive way to see the desert during Egypt desert safari tours. You may either walk on camels for many days through the Sinai Peninsula or take a camel ride to the Giza Pyramids. Egypt has several travel companies that provide camel rides during Egypt spiritual tours.

2-Scuba Diving

Some of the greatest diving locations in the world can be found in Egypt easter tours, and the Red Sea is home to a wide variety of coral reefs and marine life. In addition to taking a diving lesson at Sharm El Sheikh or Dahab in your backpacking trip, you may also join a liveaboard voyage to discover in Egypt christmas tours the far-flung diving locations. In Egypt, there are several diving centers that provide tours and lessons.

3-Ride a hot air balloon

A magnificent experience that provides a bird’s eye perspective of the ancient ruins is a hot air balloon flight above the Luxor temples. You may locate a local operator in Luxor or make an advance reservation for a hot air balloon flight. Hot air balloon flights are provided by our Egypt family tours in Luxor, because this amazing adventure is suitable for all ages and interests.

4-Desert Safari

A fascinating way to discover Egypt’s huge desert scenery during backpacking in Egypt is on a safari. The dunes and valleys of the desert may be explored on a vehicle safari or a quad bike Egypt trips.