Seismic Cracks Zone – Ras Mamlah – Ras Abu Galum

The Sinai Peninsula is a dazzling desert locale situated in Egypt and is known for its rich history, delightful scenes, and different normal marvels. The Sinai Peninsula is separated into two locales, the southern part is overwhelmed by the rough piles of the Sinai and the northern part is home to the Red Sea, one of the world’s best plunging and swimming objections. In this article, we will exploring three special and entrancing objections in the Sinai Peninsula : Seismic Breaks Zone, Ras Mamlah, and Ras Abu Galum.

Seismic Cracks Zone:

Seismic Cracks Zone is a geological feature that has been brought on by tectonic movements in the earth’s crust, and it is situated on the Red Sea coast about 15 km from Nuweiba. A succession of deep, parallel fissures that range in diameter from a few centimetres to several metres are seen in this unusual geological structure. The African tectonic plate is progressively moving away from the Arabian plate, which has caused these fissures to emerge over thousands of years. Tourists who want to see this distinctive geological feature up close frequently travel to the Seismic Cracks Zone.

Ras Mamlah:

On the eastern shore of the Sinai Peninsula, there lies a small, charming settlement called Ras Mamlah. Tourists who wish to get away from the throng and enjoy the tranquil surroundings frequently visit the area because of its stunning white sand beaches and blue waterways. The area is also home to a tiny Bedouin population who have lived there for years; by visiting their houses and learning about their customs and traditions, tourists may experience their ancient way of life.

Ras Abu Galum:

Ras Abu Galum is a shocking regular hold situated on the northern shore of the Sinai Peninsula. The save is home to a different scope of greenery, and is known for its breathtaking coral reefs and completely clear waters. The hold is just open by foot or camel, and guests can investigate the region by climbing through the rough mountains and valleys, or by swimming and making a plunge the wonderful waters. The save is likewise home to a little Bedouin people group who live in customary tents and proposition guests the chance to encounter their novel lifestyle.