Essential Guide Tips for Visiting Khan El Khalili

Explore Khan El Khalili

Visiting Khan El Khalili can be a mind-boggling experience, particularly for first-time guests. Here are a few hints to assist you with capitalizing on your visit:

  • Bargain: Bartering is a typical practice in the souk, so feel free to wrangle over costs. Be that as it may, be deferential and don’t attempt to lowball the dealers.
  • Dress appropriately: Egypt is a moderate nation, so it is critical to dress humbly while visiting the souk. Abstain from wearing uncovering attire or shorts and decide on agreeable shoes as the roads can be lopsided and elusive.
  • Explore the alleys: Khan El Khalili is a labyrinth of back streets and thin roads. Take as much time as necessary to investigate and lose all sense of direction in the souk. No one can really tell what unexpected, yet invaluable treasures you could find.
  • Go ahead and attempt new things: The souk is loaded with extraordinary and intriguing items. Make sure to attempt new things, whether it’s difficult another sort of tea at a customary teahouse, examining neighborhood desserts, or expecting a lovely piece of handcrafted gems.
  • Visit the Road of the Tentmakers: The Road of the Tentmakers, or Shari’a Khayamiya, is a little path inside the Khan El Khaili market that is home to a gathering of talented craftsmans who have been making delightful Egyptian materials for a really long time. Here, you’ll find complicatedly weaved tapestries, comforters, pad covers, and the sky is the limit from there, all made utilizing conventional strategies. A large number of the shops on this road likewise offer specially designed things, so you can have a remarkable piece of Egyptian craftsmanship to bring back home with you.
  • Explore the Islamic Cairo region: Simply a short stroll from the Khan El Khaili market is the noteworthy Islamic Cairo locale. This region is home to a large number of the city’s most significant Islamic milestones, including the Al-Azhar Mosque, quite possibly of the most seasoned college on the planet, and the staggering King Hassan Mosque, which traces all the way back to the fourteenth 100 years. Strolling through this locale, you’ll get a feeling of what Cairo was like hundreds of years prior, with limited roads fixed with wonderful old structures, clamoring markets, and old landmarks.
  • Take a cooking class: Egyptian food is both scrumptious and extraordinary, and taking a cooking class is an incredible method for studying it. Large numbers of the shops in the Khan El Khaili market offer cooking classes, where you can figure out how to make customary Egyptian dishes like koshari, ful medames, and stuffed plant leaves. You’ll likewise have the chance to find out about the various flavors and fixings utilized in Egyptian cooking and how to utilize them to make genuine flavors.

Tips for Visiting Khan El Khalili


Visiting the Khan El Khaili market is a must-accomplish for anybody making a trip to Cairo. With its rich history, interesting items, and lively climate, the market offers a brief look into the core of Egyptian culture. Whether you’re looking for keepsakes, attempting new food varieties, or essentially absorbing the feel, there’s something for everybody at this extraordinary market. So whenever you’re in Cairo, make certain to visit the Khan El Khaili and experience all it brings to the table.

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