8 Day Egypt Luxury Tours and Luxury Nile Cruise

Visit and explore the best ancient wonders of Egypt, from Cairo to Aswan, and do it in absolute style with an incredible 8-Day Luxury Nile Cruise Holiday. Treat yourself to the sort of break you deserve with a prestigious 8-Day Luxury Nile Cruise Holiday. Our luxury Nile cruise holidays have been created with passion for […]

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8 Days Easter Tour and Nile Cruise Package

Visit and explore Egypt’s best ancient wonders with Egypt tours, from Cairo to Aswan, in absolute Easter with an incredible 8 Day Egypt Easter Tours. Give yourself the break you deserve with an 8 Days Easter Nile Cruise Holiday from On Trip Egypt. Our Egypt Nile Cruise Tours were created with passion for those who […]

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4 Days Nile Cruise Tour in Luxor and Aswan

While you are on the banks of the Nile and admiring the Egyptian antiquities in Luxor and Aswan, take advantage of 4 days of overnight excursions to Egypt’s most important ancient monuments. Throughout your quest, you will discover a great deal about the past of the revered Egyptian land and solve a great deal of […]

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10 Day Round Trip & Nile Cruise Around Egypt

– Sailing experience on-board of the Luxury Nile Cruise, between Luxor and Aswan for 6 nights.

– Visiting the Karnak, Philae, Horus, Kom Ombo, Hatshepsut Temples.

– The Spectacular Pyramids in Cairo.

– The Egyptian Museum.

– Sightseeing in Coptic Cairo.

– Galabya Party on the cruise.

– Belly Dancing , Egyptian Folklore and Nubian shows on-board.

– The Valley of the Kings.

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8 Day Ultimate in Luxury Cairo, Alexandria and the Nile Cruise

This luxury 10-day travel offers the best of Egypt including the historical attractions of Cairo a beautiful Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor, and the cultural beauty of Alexandria. This Egypt vacation packages is designed for individuals looking for luxury tours of Egypt; it mixes a variety of cultures, ancient history and modern amenities to create an amazing experience.

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8 Day Budget Travel

Discover the captivating Pharaonic history throughout an exciting tour that suits your financial conditions.
– Visit the Great Pyramids.
– Visit the beautiful city of Aswan sleeper train to experience
– Nile cruise tour between Luxor and Aswan.

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