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8 Days Tour The Pyramids Secrets & Nubian Adventure



8 Days / 7 Nights

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Daily Tour

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24 people




Our 8 Days Tour The Pyramids Secrets & Nubian Adventure. This magnificent Egypt tour package is made to completely immerse you in the magnificence of ancient marvels and the vibrant Nubian culture ensuring an amazing journey full of luxury luxury and historical discovery.

Begin off with the famous Giza Pyramids and enigmatic Sphinx where you can view the amazing structures of ancient Egypt. The Egypt tours continues to the Egyptian Museum which has a wide range of things that give a deep dive into Egypt’s rich past including the magnificent riches of Tutankhamun.

Discover the allure of the Nubian village where you may become fully immersed in their unique culture and customs and be met with the kind welcome of the Nubian people. Beautifully situated on an island the Philae Temple celebrates the goddess Isis and offers a calm, spiritual environment.

See the amazing High Dam an engineering marvel of the modern era that completely changed Egypt’s surroundings. Go to the Edfu Temple, one of the best-preserved ancient temples dedicated to the falcon deity Horus, after seeing the Temple of Kom Ombo‘s dual dedication to the gods Sobek and Horus.

Experience the amazing beauty of the Karnak Temples and the Luxor Temple in Luxor where you can imagine the ancient rites that were held there. The royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings which include Tutankhamun’s are going to charm you as they provide an understanding of the ideas of the ancient Egyptians on the afterlife.

Admire the massive Colossi of Memnon which are artwork of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and discover the magnificent Temple of Hatshepsut which is a beautiful funerary temple built for one of the most successful pharaohs in Egyptian history.

Our carefully planned Egypt travel packages offer an effortless mix of luxury and immersion in culture. Everything about the trip from excellent accommodation to knowledgeable tour guides is planned to make sure you have an appealing and fulfilling time. Accompany us on our Nubian Adventure & Pyramids Secrets trip to explore Egypt’s timeless marvels and make lifelong memories.

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Day 1: Welcome to Egypt , Cairo Airport , Cairo ON

Arrival to Cairo airport, Upon you arrival you will find YOUR Nile Booking representative waiting you with a sign that has your name . From the moment you arrive, your tour leader will give you full attention. Once in the car, he will give you an overview of your program as well as other aspects of your tour that will interest you. Then you will be transferred by an A/C car to your hotel.
Overnight in Cairo.

Day 2: Giza Pyramids (Inside) / Egyptian Museum – Mummies Experience, Cairo ON

Breakfast at your hotel , your Nile Booking tour guide will pick you up to start your tour by visiting the Great Giza Pyramids – Cheops, Chephren & Mykerions. Entering inside the Great Pyramid is an amazing experience that’s why it’s the highlight of our itinerary.
Probably the most overwhelming experience you will have in your life, getting into the interior of the great pyramid. You will never see something like it.
As you might expect, one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of ancient times is the glorious Pyramids of Giza. Somewhere far away in the secluded desert, prepare yourself  to be amazed as you will discover the secrets of the Great Pyramid – the last standing ancient wonder of the world.
Enjoy your Camel Ride; you will enjoy special panoramic views of the Sphinx & Pyramids. Hear about all the hidden stories of Pharaohs life. Our professional tour guides will give you all the details so you can enjoy to the maximum your visit to the pyramids area.
Then move to visit the Egyptian Museum of antiquities. Over 250,000 genuine artefacts are presented, including an exhibit dedicated to the Tutankhamen collection of treasures, gold, and jewellery, as it was enclosed in his tomb for over 3,500 years before it was discovered in the 1920s when his tomb was excavated. Includes entry to the royal mummy’s hall.
It has a separate section where royal mummies unearthed from various tombs are preserved. The room is climate controlled and the mummies appear to be looked after well. Mummified over 5000 years ago, you can see the mummies of Queen Hatshepsut, Tuthmosis and Ramses in a very good condition. Walk around leisurely in this room and look at Pharaohs and queen resting in peace.
(Optional) Evening trip to attend the Sound & Light show in the Pyramids area.
Overnight in Cairo.

Day 3: Fly to Aswan , Nubian Village ON

Breakfast. Transfer to the domestic airport. Departure by plane to Aswan.
Transfer to a unique Nubian resort (completely different world) set in the heart of a Nubian village which is a relaxing oasis by the side of the Nile. Live the Nubian life! The architecture, the design and the interiors of the resort as well as its location along the Nile allows for a very enriching experience.
Discover the colourful culture of Nubia, one of Africa’s oldest civilizations. Many travellers who visit Egypt have special interest in learning about Nubians and their community. This is because of their habits and style of living that is different from any other community in Egypt. Many travellers enjoy visiting Nubian villages and having traditional Nubian meals.
We will offer a rich cultural experience; you’ll get to know Nubian culture and gain insight into the traditions the Nubians have followed for thousands of years.
Overnight in Nubian Resort.

Day 4: Aswan / Cruise ON

Wake up with a wonderful view of the Nile and enjoy a Nubian traditional breakfast made by the Nubian people.
Then you visit the Philae temple these amazing constructions of Ancient times all the beautiful columns that was built by Pharaohs and Romans , the temples of Isis and Hathor , the whole place is located on an island so you will have a wonderful view from there , after this Aswan day tours you will visit the high dam of Aswan , this large construction that was built during the time of Nasser , enjoy the tour there then you will check on board your Egypt Nile Cruise.
Overnight in Cruise.

Day 5: Kom Ombo , Edfue , Nile Cruise ON

Breakfast on board. Join your private guide to visit the amazing temple of KomOmbo. It’s a walking distance fro the Nile Cruise , enjoy the tour there , visit the temple of the Crocodile god Sobek , and the Crocodile Museum , then you will go back to the Cruise for sailing towards Edfu , have your lunch on board , after lunch thee is an experience for you , the tour to Edfu temple , it’s the most completed temple around Egypt , was built for the god Horus the Falcon , after you enjoy the visit there you will be back to the Cruise , for afternoon tea and sailing , you will arrive to Luxor during evening time , have your dinner and overnight on the Nile Cruise.

Day 6: East Bank: Karnak & Luxor Temples, Cruise ON

Breakfast on board. Then transfer to visit the Karnak Temples, the greatest example of worship in history and was dedicated to the God Amon, his wife Mut and their son Khonsu. It was constructed from the beginning of the Middle Kingdom to the Graeco Roman Kingdom.
Then move to Luxor Temple. It was built by Amunhotep III in 18th Dynasty in the New Kingdom and it was completed by Ramesses II during the 19th Dynasty.
King Ramses II was the most famous king in the 19th Dynasty. He ruled Egypt for about 67 years. It was dedicated to the great god Amun-Ra, his wife Mut and their son Khonsu together representing the Theban triad. Enjoy visiting Obelisk of Ramses II in front of the 1st Pylon. Overnight in Cruise.

Day 7: Luxor King Tut’s tomb – Valley of Kings & Queens, Cairo ON

Breakfast on board.
Cross to the West Bank to visit Valley of the Kings , visit the tombs of various Dynasties. King Tut’s tomb which you will visit from inside. Tutankhamun ruled Egypt for approximately 10 years from around 1336-1327 BCE. In November 1922, Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon discovered Tutankhamun’s near-intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The king’s mummified body was found surrounded by precious grave goods, in his golden coffin, after his burial chamber was officially opened on 17 February 1923 in the presence of Egyptologists and government officials.
Today, Tutankhamun is ancient Egypt’s most famous pharaoh. But how much do you really know about the boy king? Here during this tour, I will tell you the lesser-known facts about Tutankhamun.
Continue to Visit the Valley of the Queens, known as Ta-Set-Neferu “The Place of Beauty”. The valley served as a necropolis for the tombs of royal family members and the elite, with about 90 tombs belonging to Queens and princes of the ancient Egyptian New Kingdom (1550-1070 BC). whilst here, you will have a chance to visit the magnificent colourful tomb of queen Nefertari (Extra Ticket)
Then move to visit the Temple of Deir El Bahari of Queen Hatshepsut. On the return journey stop at the Colossi of Memnon which are two gigantic sitting statues representing Amenopis III facing the Nile.
Then visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.
Then Transfer to the airport. Departure by plan to Cairo. Arrival and transfer to your hotel. Overnight in Cairo.

Day 8: Cairo Food Tour – Final Departure

If your departure flight time allows you’ll make this tour today if not we will fit it into another day earlier.
To enjoy the real taste of Egypt you have to try the Egyptian food the best foods in Egypt which is one of the life’s great pleasures, Discover off-the-beaten-path spots the real Egypt that is not covered in any guidebook.
To find the best place to eat in Egypt can be a challenge. Don’t worry we’ll take you to them, There are many delicious food tastings of the Best foods in Egypt.
Then you will be transferred to Airport for final departure.


  • 3 Nights hotel accommodation in Cairo on bed and breakfast basis.
  • 1 Night accommodation in Nubian Resort .
  • 3 Nights on Cruise board; Aswan & Luxor full board (Sightseeing are included).
  • 1 Day tour in Cairo visiting the Egyptian Museum, Great Pyramids, Sphinx
  • All transfers
  • All your tours and excursions are by an A/C vehicle.
  • English speaking expert Egyptologist guide.
  • All your visits include entrance fees.
  • Our prices include all taxes and services.
  • Domestic Ticket from Cairo / Aswan and Luxor / Cairo.
  • International Airfare.
  • Egypt entry visa.
  • Drinks and any personal expenses.
  • Tipping.

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1 - 2 weeks

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Travel Packages



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