14 Top Things to do in Luxor: Activities to do and Attractions to visit

There are vast amounts of Things to do in Luxor that may help you plan your next journey and make it unforgettable. Luxor is able to offer all kinds of tourists whether they want to explore its magnificent ancient Egyptian monuments, learn about the pharaohs’ lives or just take in the breath-taking scenery.

Luxor is an essential stop on Egypt Tours for everyone traveling there. Luxor is a popular destination on many Egypt vacation packages giving you the opportunity to explore the ancient past. Every memorial, from the majestic Karnak Temple to the frightening splendor of the Valley of the Kings tells the story of a civilization that has fascinated people for thousands of years.

Luxor is the summit of traditional Egyptian history and culture if you’re thinking about Egypt classic tours. An true window into the lives of the ancient Egyptians is offered by the well-preserved temples, tombs, and monuments. For those seeking a more luxurious encounter, Egypt luxury tours provide high-end amenities and unique access enabling you to see these famous locations in comfort and elegance.

The most popular sites in Luxor may be seen on Egypt day tours which are ideal for those with limited time in Luxor day tours. In just one day, you may enjoy a relaxing sail on the Egypt Nile cruise, explore the Luxor Museum, and see the Luxor Temple.

The variety of Things to do in Luxor ensures that your trip will be full of amazing experiences and enduring memories whether you’re on a traditional tour or treating yourself to a luxurious holiday. Thus, prepare to travel back in time and see Luxor tourist attractions beauties by packing your baggage!

Luxor Historical Sites

Things to do in Luxor

1. Karnak Temple: Majestic Complex

One of the most breathtaking Things to do in Luxor is the massive ancient complex known as the Karnak Temple which honors the Theban triad of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu. You almost hear the whispers of the past as you go into the magnificent Hypostyle Hall which is decorated with 134 majestic columns. The finely carved hieroglyphs on each stone relate stories of gods and pharaohs. Discovering Karnak is like to traveling through time in a time machine taking you to a place where the spirit and ordinary worlds joined together. The Avenue of Sphinxes, the high obelisks and the Sacred Lake all add to the magnificent atmosphere of this extraordinary archeological site.

2. Luxor Temple: A Testament to Theban Glory

Situated on the east bank of the Nile, the Luxor Temple is another must-see item on the Things to do in Luxor list. The main attraction of the Opet Festival which celebrated the yearly flooding of the Nile was this magnificent temple which was mostly constructed by Amenhotep III and Ramses II. The temple’s columns and statues are illuminated in golden light as the sun sets, producing a breathtaking spectacle. Massive artwork of Ramses II amazing carvings and the perfectly preserved Avenue of Sphinxes that originally connected it to the Karnak Temple may all be seen when strolling through its gardens and halls.

3. Valley of the Kings: Royal Tombs and Hidden Treasures

Maybe the most famous of all the Things to do in Luxor is to visit the Valley of the Kings. Many of the New Kingdom Egyptian pharaohs’ tombs including the well-known tomb of Tutankhamun are located in this necropolis. Walls decorated with colorful images of the pharaohs’ rises to the afterlife make each tomb a real treasure mine of art and history. The weight of history and the legacy of these ancient rulers is felt as you walk inside these tombs. An overview of ancient Egyptian beliefs and customs surrounding death and rebirth may be seen in the beautiful wall murals and complex hieroglyphs.

4. Valley of the Queens: Resting Place of Pharaohs’ Wives

Another important location in the Things to do in Luxor is the Valley of the Queens which is next to the Valley of the Kings. The New Kingdom’s queens as well as their offspring and other aristocrats were buried in this valley. The tomb of Ramses II’s loving wife, Queen Nefertari is especially well-known for its remarkable murals and preservation.

5. The Colossi of Memnon: Guardians of Thebes

The Colossi of Memnon are two huge stone monuments of Pharaoh Amenhotep III standing tall on the west bank of the Nile. Once a part of a larger mortuary temple complex these towering artwork are among the most recognized attractions in things to do in Luxor. They have an air of everlasting grandeur and majesty despite their faded look. The works of art have stood up to the test of ages and generations of history.

6. Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple: A Queen’s Legacy

One of the most successful pharaohs in Egyptian history is remembered by Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple at Deir el-Bahari. One of the best Things to do in Luxor is this unique layered building which mixes in perfectly with the surrounding rocks. This temple was built by the great female pharaoh Hatshepsut in memory of the deity Amun and in her honor. The Hatshepsut temple offers insight into the queen’s reign and attempts to acceptable her position with its colonnaded terraces, rich reliefs, and artwork of the queen in various poses. It’s an essential stop because of its beautiful architecture and peaceful surroundings.

7. Medinet Habu: Temple of Ramses III

The tomb of Ramses III, known as Medinet Habu is yet another gem in the crown of Things to do in Luxor. Ramses III’s military conquests and religious rituals are shown in this enormous complex’s well-preserved reliefs and inscriptions. The magnificent architecture of the temple with its vast courtyards and soaring pylons, symbolizes the might and dedication of this New Kingdom king. Its hallways offer a peek into the past with their beautiful carvings and vibrant colors that have stood the test of time.

Museums and Cultural Sites in Luxor

Things to do in Luxor

8. Luxor Museum: Artifacts of Ancient Glory

Lying on the eastern bank of the Nile the Luxor Museum is a veritable gold mine of relics that vividly represent the history of ancient Thebes. The museum rated among the best Things to do in Luxor has an amazing collection of carvings, reliefs, and ordinary objects from several eras of ancient Egyptian history. Highlights are the finely carved jewelry, the wonderfully preserved mummies and the reliefs of Ramses II and Tutankhamun. The carefully selected exhibits and educational signs in the museum offer an in-depth understanding of Luxor’s rich past.

9. Mummification Museum: Secrets of the Afterlife

The Mummification Museum is a must-see location on the Things to do in Luxor plan for anyone interested in learning more about the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians regarding death and the afterlife. This unique museum offers insights into the methods used to preserve bodies for the afterlife while examining the art and science of mummification. Mummified animals devices used in the mummification process and full explanations of the spiritual significance and celebrations behind this age-old custom are all on display. Learning one of the most fascinating aspects of Egyptian culture is a fascinating experience.

Luxor Activities and Experiences

Things to do in Luxor

10. Hot Air Balloon Rides: A Bird’s Eye View of Ancient Luxor

Hot Air Balloon Rides is one of the most exciting Things to do in Luxor experiences for an amazing view on the ancient valuables of Luxor. The panoramic views of the city’s ancient attractions are breathtaking as you fly lightly over the valleys, the temples and the Nile. The area can be seen by the early morning light which highlights the size and beauty of Luxor’s temples. It’s a calm and breathtaking look at to take in the magnificence of this historic city.

11. Nile River Cruises: Sailing Through History

A traditional and peaceful way to enjoy the Things to do in Luxor is on a Nile River cruise. While sailing the nile river, you’ll see lush environment, historic towns, and historic sites all from the comfort and comfort of your vessel. With the extra romance of journeying beside the same river that sustained the ancient Egyptian civilizations it’s a relaxed way to take in the finest of Luxor.

12. Felucca Sailing: Traditional Boat Experiences

A felucca trip is a more traditional and quiet way to explore the Nile. These classic sailboats provide a tranquil and natural look at to experience the activities and things to do in Luxor. You may enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and see the everyday activities along the riverbanks as you glide down the river carried by the light wind. It offers a deeper link to Luxor’s natural and cultural heritage and is a tranquil and picturesque way to explore the Nile.

13. Sound and Light Shows: History Comes Alive

The Karnak and Luxor Temples’ Sound and Light Shows are amazing nighttime performances that completely reflect ancient history. One of the best things to do in Luxor is to see these plays which show the tales of the Egyptian pharaohs and their magnificent monuments with dramatic lighting, music, and storytelling. The dreamy atmosphere created by the multimedia effects takes you back in time as you make your way through the illuminated temples. It’s an interesting and lasting look at to discover the interesting past of Luxor.

Local Culture and Traditions

Things to do in Luxor

14. Luxor Souks: Markets and Shopping Experiences

Without seeing Luxor’s colorful souks a trip would not be complete. These lively marketplaces are among the most wonderful Things to do in Luxor, overflowing with the sights, sounds, and scents of Egypt. You may practice bargaining and take in the vibrant environment while shopping for traditional crafts, jewelry, spices, and souvenirs. The Luxor souks are a great place to meet locals discover one-of-a-kind finds for your house and get a peek of the region’s customs and culture.

Recommended day Trips in and from Luxor


No need to search any farther! Luxor offers unique experiences for all types of travelers including those on women’s tours, family vacations, and honeymoons. There is a wide range of activities and things to do in Luxor to satisfy the interests of every visitor because to its fascinating history, gorgeous scenery and plenty of attractions.

Take a trip back in time as you discover Luxor’s ancient wonders. Experience a time travel to a time of pharaohs and gods as you marvel at the magnificent temples of Karnak and Luxor. Savor the quiet of the surrounding landscape and historic sites as you travel the magnificent Nile River.

Luxor offers a memorable Egypt honeymoon tours experience for couples looking for romance. See the lit temples while dining by candlelight after a romantic felucca sail on the Nile at sunset. Perhaps taking a hot air balloon trip over the Valley of the Kings would be a thrill for those seeking a bit more adventure. The wide range of Egypt family tours to the things Luxor to do in has to offer is sure for all families. Luxor provides a friendly and safe exploration space for Egypt women tours tourists. Take a guided tour with informed local ladies who will share their experiences and ideas about this interesting city.

Take advantage of Egypt Christmas tours to really enjoy the festive atmosphere of the season, when bright lights decorate the temples and busy marketplaces full of delicious seasonal fare. As you take part in traditional holidays and cultural events, soak in the festive mood.

Luxor promises a memorable trip for families, ladies travelers and honeymooners alike no matter their interests or style of travel. So gather your belongings and get ready to set out on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to this historic city filled with beauty. At every step, Luxor awaits to fascinate and inspire you.