Top 5 Mosques in Cairo: Important Islamic Sites in Egypt

Magnificent Mosques of Cairo

The vibrant city of Cairo, Egypt’s capital, is well known for its extensive past and vibrant present. The several mosques in the city are only a few of the city’s many stunning architectural marvels. The chance to experience Cairo’s magnificent mosques is something that On Trip Egypt, a top travel agency in Egypt, takes great delight in providing for guests. You’ll go on a tour of some of Cairo’s most stunning mosques as we explore them in this blog.

1 – Al-Azhar Mosque

Mosques in Cairo

Al-Azhar Mosque, one of Cairo’s oldest mosques and regarded as one of the most significant religious institutions in the Islamic world, was established in 970 AD. Stunning Islamic architecture, including a lovely courtyard, minarets, and elaborate tile work, can be seen throughout the mosque. Al-Azhar University, one of the oldest institutions in the world and a centre for the study of Islamic studies, is located inside the mosque.

2 – Sultan Hassan Mosque

Mosques in Cairo

Sultan Hassan Mosque, a marvel of Islamic architecture, was constructed in the fourteenth century. The mosque dominates the Cairo skyline with its imposing dome and tall minarets. Inside, there is a magnificent display of intricate tile work, carved wood, and marble columns for visitors to enjoy. There is a tomb in the mosque where the bones of Sultan Hassan.

3 – Ibn Tulun Mosque

Mosques in Cairo

Ibn Tulun Mosque is one of the most established and most lovely mosques in Cairo. Inherent the ninth 100 years, the mosque includes an extraordinary compositional style that mixes conventional Islamic plan with components of old Egyptian engineering. The mosque is likewise home to a wonderful patio, minaret, and a special winding flight of stairs that prompts the highest point of the minaret.

4 – Al-Hussein Mosque

Mosques in Cairo

Situated in the core of Islamic Cairo, Al-Hussein Mosque is a well known objective for guests looking to encounter the lively social existence of Cairo. The mosque highlights dazzling Islamic engineering, including a delightful vault, minaret, and multifaceted tile work. The mosque is likewise home to a sepulcher that houses the remaining parts of Sayyidna Al-Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

5 – Mohamed Ali Mosque

Mosques in Cairo

Situated in the Stronghold of Cairo, Mohamed Ali Mosque is perhaps of the most notorious milestone in the city. The mosque was inherent the mid 19th century and elements staggering Ottoman-style engineering, including an enormous vault and two transcending minarets. Guests can investigate the mosque’s delightful yard, which offers amazing perspectives on the city.

All in all, the mosques of Cairo offer a dazzling look into the rich social legacy of Egypt. From the antiquated Ibn Tulun Mosque to the grand Mohamed Ali Mosque, guests can encounter probably the most lovely and notable Islamic engineering on the planet. With On Excursion Egypt, guests can explore the brilliant mosques of Cairo and find the rich history and culture of this intriguing city.